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Foundations in Programming
Computer programming is the world’s fastest growing profession with thousands of vacancies for developers from all backgrounds. Start your programming career with this course.

Suitable for All Levels

8 Evenings

Certification Awarded


Study materials

Learning options for this course

Classroom Training


This course can be taken at our Training Centre in Dublin 2. Socially distanced learning. Full interaction with expert trainers.

Live Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Daytime or evenings using iLiveLearning. Full interaction with the trainer, just like in the classroom. Software provided.

Skills You will have at the end of the Course

  • How to write, compile and run basic programs in Java, C++, Visual Basic and Python
  • How to create programs that do basic calculations
  • Create programs that make decisions with different outcomes
  • Using loops to re-run sections of code
  • Creating a simple GUI Program in VB
  • Create a simple drawing program in Python

Course overview

In this course we will create and run programs in four different languages.

We will cover some key programming concepts which are common to all languages such as

  • Variables
  • Input and output
  • Expressions
  • Conditional statements
  • Loops

Upon completion you will have a good understanding of how programming languages work and know whether or not programming is a career you would like to pursue and which language you have a preference for.


No prior knowledge is required this course is geared specifically towards people with no prior programming knowledge.


At the end of the course, you’ll be Certified by the Irish Academy of Computer Training


Who would benefit

The course is designed for existing computer users new to programming who want to gain a clear grasp of programming concepts and progress towards a specific language. The course is a pre-requisite to any of our programming diploma courses.

Why take the Course

Programming is viewed as one of the most important skills we can learn and teach to all age groups. Throughout the world millions of people are getting their first taste of programming through organisations like CoderDojo and from online sites like, and these resources prove an excellent starting point for new programmers.

Some of the key reasons why someone would learn to program are:

  • Programming is an important skill to develop
  • Every business requires the skills of a developer
  • Fastest growing industry in the World
  • Applicable to anyone using a computer
  • Helps develop analytical skills used in all walks of life
  • Receive an industry recognised certification
  • Gain the skills necessary to progress in the IT sector
  • Have the ability to create programs that benefit you
  • Open opportunities for yourself at work and at home
  • Learn a new skill that is useful and rewarding

Course curriculum

Section 1: Computer Programming foundations
Section 1: Computer Programming foundations

  • Algorithms and pseudo code
  • Compiling, linking and testing
  • Files, projects and folders
Section 2: Introduction to programming in Java
Section 2: Introduction to programming in Java

  • Creating a simple hello world program in Java
  • Declaring and naming variables
  • Specifying variable types
  • Evaluating expressions
  • Precedence
  • Pre and Post Operators
Section 3: Conditional Statements
Section 3: Conditional Statements

  • If Statements
  • Boolean logic – AND, OR, NOT
  • De Morgan’s Laws
Section 4: Loops
Section 4: Loops

  • For Loop
  • While Loop
Section 5: Arrays
Section 5: Arrays

  • Working with Arrays
  • Upper and lower bounds.
Section 6: Functions and/or Subroutines
Section 6: Functions and/or Subroutines

  • Defining functions/subroutines
  • Passing Parameters
  • Returning Values
Section 7: Creating programs in C++
Section 7: Creating programs in C++

  • Create a basic hello world program in C++
  • Create a program that does a basic calculations in C++
  • Using conditions statements in C++
  • Using Loops and Arrays in C++
Section 8: Creating programs in VB
Section 8: Creating programs in VB

  • Create a basic hello world program in VB
  • Create a GUI Calculator
  • Using conditions statements in VB
  • Using Loops and Arrays in VB
Section 9: Using Python with Turtle
Section 9: Using Python with Turtle

  • Creating simple programs in Python
  • Python Data structures
  • Using the Turtle in Python
  • Drawing with Python

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