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SAP - Crystal Reports
Suitable for users interested in learning more about SAP Crystal Reports. Learn techniques to query and interact with different data sources including Access, and Microsoft SQL Server. 

Intermediate / Advanced

2 Day Classroom Course

Certification Awarded


Study materials included

Skills You will have at the end of the Course

  • Design Reports from the ground up.
  • Link to different data sources
  • Microsoft Access Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • Oracle Database
  • Excel Spreadsheet
  • Sort, Group and filter report data.
  • Format Text, Numbers, Dates/Times
  • Create reusable parameterised reports.

Course overview

This course starts by reviewing the design concepts for building a report, moving on to formatting, filtering, and sorting report data. We also cover more advanced topics such as multi table datasets with joins.


Familiar with Microsoft Windows.


At the end of the course, you’ll be Certified by the Irish Academy of Computer Training

Who would benefit

If you are currently working as a Data Analyst or Report Designer, this course is ideal for you

Why take the Course

To become proficient in building and developing user-friendly, robust, and scalable Crystal Reports.

Online Option

Classroom only

Course curriculum

Section 1: Report Essentials
Section 1: Report Essentials

In this section, you’ll learn the essentials of building a report;

  • Standard Reporting Wizard
  • Create a Blank Report
  • Preview Report
  • Refresh Report
  • Report Designer
    • Field Explorer
    • Special Fields
    • Summary Info
  • Adding / Removing Fields in the Report.
  • Formatting Fields
    • Font
    • Colour
    • Visibility
    • Rotation
    • Conditional Formatting.
  • Page Orientation.
  • Saving a Report with and without data.
  • Navigating through a Report using page navigation.
  • Searching for data in a Report.
Section 2: Report Sections
Section 2: Report Sections

In this section, you’ll look at how to edit existing sections, and create additional report sections. We will also investigate how to add additional components to a report;

  • Report Sections.
    • Report Header / Footer.
    • Page Header / Footer.
    • Group Headers / Footers.
    • Detail Section.
  • Adding Objects to A Report.
    • Line
    • Box
    • Picture
    • Chart
    • Map
    • OLE Object
Section 3: Sorting Reports
Section 3: Sorting Reports

  • Sort by a single field.
  • Sort by Multiple fields.
  • Sorting by Fields not included in Report.
  • Removing Sort Criteria from Report.
  • Sorting Expert.
Section 4: Filter Reports
Section 4: Filter Reports

  • Filter by a single field
  • Filter By Multiple fields
  • Filtering by Fields not included in Report
  • Using Wildcards in Filter (* ?)
  • Removing Filter Criteria.
  • Filter Expert.
  • Adding Parameter driven filters.
  • Parameter Types
  • Ordering Parameters
Section 5: Grouping Reports
Section 5: Grouping Reports

  • Group by single field.
  • Group by multiple fields.
  • Group Header / Footer.
  • Aggregate functions in Group
    • Count
    • Sum
    • Min
    • Max
  • Group Sort Order.
  • Grouping Expert.
  • Grouping Drilldown.
  • Grouping by Top N.
  • Grouping by User Defined Group.
Section 6: Advanced Reporting
Section 6: Advanced Reporting

  • Conditionally formatting fields / rows.
  • Adding calculated values to Reports.
  • Aggregate functions in Report Header / Footer
  • Creating, Linking and Embedding sub-reports
  • Formula Designer
    • Crystal Syntax
    • Visual Basic Syntax.
  • Creating Cross-Tab / Pivot Table styled Reports.
  • Creating Charts / Maps for use in Reports
  • Multi Table Reports
  • Database Expert / Links Tab
  • Joins
    • Inner
    • Left Outer
    • Right Outer
    • Full Outer
    • Report Alerts
  • Creating Alerts
    • Editing Alert Criteria
  • Exporting Reports
    • PDF
    • Excel
    • CSV

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