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Training for assigned DPOs

Any organisations that do business in the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA) must comply with the GDPR. This course shows you everything you need to be doing now to become GDPR compliant. You’ll learn exactly what GDPR is, the role of the Data Protection Officer and 10 Practical steps you can take now to implement GDPR. This course also includes our GDPR Toolkit.

If you are a Business Owner, or you will be your company’s Data Protection Officer, this course is for you.

Suitable for All Levels
2 Day Classroom Course
Certification awarded

Online Study Materials

Course overview

This GDPR Training Course is designed to help those who have been assigned the role of Data Protection Officer in your organisation. You’ll understand the changes you need to make in order to be compliant with the new regulation.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25th 2018, and all businesses that handle personal data must have robust policies and procedures in place in order to comply.

DAY 1 – GDPR Overview

On day 1 you’ll learn;

  1. What GDPR is and why it’s important – An overview of GDPR
  2. Key concepts of GDPR
  3. 6 GDPR Principles and 18 Key Definitions
  4. The 8 Rights of Individuals
  5. Subject Access Requests
  6. Fines, Penalties and Compensation


DAY 2 – Preparing for GDPR

On day 2 you’ll discover;

  1. What your responsibilities are as a Data Protection Officer
  2. 10 Practical steps you can take now to get your organisation ready for GDPR


No previous knowledge of GDPR is required. You’ll learn everything you need to know over the 2 days.


At the end of the course, you’ll be awarded Certified by the Irish Academy of Computer Training

Professional Certification

Who would benefit

This course is aimed at Small Business Owners and employee’s who’ve been designated the Company’s Data Protection Officer

Online Option

The course is delivered in a class environment of up to 12 people by our GDPR expert and Barrister.

You will also receive access to our online GDPR Toolkit that walks you step-by-step through the actions you’ll need to take when you return to your company.

Course curriculum

Module 1 - What is the General Data Protection Regulation
This module explains the background and scope of the new GDPR legislation. You will discover:

  • Summary of changes required
  • Aims of the GDPR
  • Key definitions to become familiar with
  • Changes to the Data Protection Laws
  • Sanctions
Module 2 - The GPDR Definitions & Principles
A detailed look at all the definitions and principles of the GDPR.

  • Personal data.
  • Privacy by design and default.
  • Standardised data protection rules.
  • Personal data transferred to countries outside the EU and the EEA.
  • Breach notification.
  • Right of access.
  • Right to be forgotten.
  • Data portability.
  • Right to object.
Module 3 - Processing Data, Obtaining Consent and Data Subjects' Rights
This module explains what you need to do to lawfully obtain consent to process personal data. You will understand the rights of Data Subjects and how to deal with Data Subject Requests.

  • How to be compliant
  • Legal obligations
  • Obtaining consent
  • Methods for data collection
  • Data Transfer outside the EU
  • Existing data and existing consent
Module 4 - Data Protection Officer - The Role and Responsibilities
So you’ve been assigned the position of Data Protection Officer in your company – what do you now?

This module explains what your role is and your responsibilities under Article 39 of the regulation.

Module 5 - Preparing for GDPR - 10 Practical Steps
In this module we explain the actions you need to take to implement GDPR in your organisation.

We show you the 10 Steps to get you GDPR ready:

  1. Initial assessment – where do you stand now
  2. Get to know your current data state – a template you can use to assess your current data processing
  3. How to identify the gaps to compliance with a Data Processing questionnaire
  4. How to assess the risk with a Data Processing risk assessment
  5. How to formulate your Action Plan
  6. How to update your Polices & Procedures
  7. How to deal with Subject Access Requests
  8. How to develop a Breach Reporting Procedure
  9. How to implement and track staff training
  10. Final GDPR Readiness assessment


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