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Java Programming Diploma

Get Certified in Java

Java Programming Diploma

Get Certified in Java
Ideal for anyone interested in adding the Java programming language to their list of skills, as well as those preparing for the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE Programmer examination.
Java Diploma

This course is ideal for anyone interested in adding the Java programming language to their list of skills, as well as those preparing for the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE Programmer examination.


Suitable for All Levels

14 Evenings 

Certification Awarded


Study materials

Learning options for this course

Classroom Training


This course can be taken at our Training Centre in Dublin 2. Socially distanced learning. Full interaction with expert trainers.

Live Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Daytime or evenings using iLiveLearning. Full interaction with the trainer, just like in the classroom. Software provided.

Skills You Can Add To Your Resume

How to write, compile and run Java Applications

Understand how to develop Object Oriented Programs

Use Inheritance and Polymorphism for code reuse

Create a Graphical User Interface (GUI) based program

Create Java Programs that can read from and write to Databases

How to connect to an Oracle Database in Java

Course overview

Comprehensive Java Course covering OO Programming, Inheritance, Abstract classes and methods, Polymorphism, Interfaces, UML Diagrams, Creating GUI Interfaces in Java, connecting and interacting with Oracle databases using JDBC and SQL.



Some prior programming experience would be highly beneficial and so we recommend doing the Foundation in Computer Programming Course first.


At the end of the course, you’ll be Certified by the Irish Academy of Computer Training

IACT Certification

Who would benefit

Anyone with an aptitude for programming who wishes to learn how to program using Java – no previous programming experience is required.  The course is also suitable for existing programmers who want to add Java to their skillset and prepare for the professional Oracle certification.

Why take the Course

  • Number 1 development platform in the programming industry
  • over 97% of enterprises use Java
  • It is a high Level language like Python and C++
  • One of the most popular game creating languages
  • It is an Object Oriented Programming language

Online Option


Course curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to programming in Java
  • Using the Eclipse Environment
  • Variables and variable types
  • Using comments
  • Operators and Operator Precedence

Section 2: Conditional Statements
  • If statements
  • Boolean Logic
  • Switch statements

Section 3: Loops
  • Creating Loops
  • For loops
  • While loops
  • Do while loops
  • Enhanced for loop

Section 4: Arrays
  • Using Arrays
  • Iterating through arrays
  • Using ArrayLists

Section 5: Java Operators
  • Pre and Post Increments and Decrements
  • Advanced Operators
  • Using Logical V Boolean AND and OR

Section 6: Methods
  • Using methods
  • Parameter passing mechanisms
  • Scope of variables

Section 7: Introduction to OO Concepts
  • Creating New Objects
  • Data Members and Methods
  • Constructors
  • Getter and Setters
  • User defined methods
  • Using Arrays of Objects

Section 8: Inheritance
  • Class Inheritance
  • Super class V Subclass

Section 9: Advanced OO Techniques and Objects
  • Using Abstract and Concrete Classes
  • Polymorphism
  • UML Diagrams
  • Using Interfaces
  • Using Collections
  • Enumerations

Section 10: Creating a GUI Interface
  • Creating a GUI Interface
  • Swing Components
  • Using Handlers and Listeners
  • Exception Handling

Section 11: Working with Databases
  • Basic SQL commands
  • Connecting to an Oracle DB in Java
  • Interacting with an Oracle DB in Java

Section 12: Putting it all together - Project
  • Creating a GUI Interface to connect and interact with an Oracle database

Section 13: Preparing for the Oracle exam
  • About the Oracle exam
  • How to prepare for the exam
  • Sample exam questions

Internationally recognised accreditation

IACT Master Certification

Who should get a Java Diploma Certification

Excel Foundations

Software Developer

Java is widely recognised as one of the most portable languages available to developers

Excel Foundations

Software Engineer

Every business that generates its own computer programs needs software engineers to write, edit and test programs

Excel Foundations

Java Developer

A Java developer is responsible for many duties throughout the development lifecycle of applications from concept to testing

Excel Foundations


A specialized type of Computer Programmer who collaborates with Web Designers, Web Developers, and Software Engineers

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