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Microsoft Outlook Course

This Microsoft Outlook Course is suitable for all Office users or anyone new to the applications. You'll earn the foundations of Outlook and discover how to be more efficient day to day.


Suitable for All Levels

1 Day Course

Certification Awarded

Online Resources

Course overview

  • This course teaches you everything you need to know about these powerful applications. You’ll learn how to harness all elements of both email and calendars in Outlook.

Skills you’ll learn

  • Manage and manipulate e-mails
  • Send, retrieve and organise e-mails (including those with attachments)
  • Sort and organise e-mail messages
  • Work with and organise themes for e-mail messages
  • Use calendars, schedule meetings and other resources
  • Organise address lists
  • Publish a calendar to a web-site
  • Create tasks and notes
  • Integrate outlook with other office tools

Who would benefit

  • Anyone who uses Outlook on a regular basis will benefit from taking this course. If you want to save time at work and getting Outlook working for you rather than slaving away over your inbox, this course will benefit you.  Also save time taking notes, OneNote will allow you to work between office applications seamlessly.

Why take this course

  • To save time at work. You’ll be able to organise e-mails, use the scheduling tools to share resources and schedule meetings, create notes that are organised and easily accessed. You’ll be able to work with all your Office tools to become more productive.


  • At the end of the course, you’ll be Certified by the Irish Academy of Computer Training.
  • CPD Certification

CPD Certification


  • No prior knowledge is needed
  • Software is provided in the Classroom and Live Virtual options

Learning paths

Why choose IACT

  • Ireland’s leading training provider for 30 years
  • Full-time Certified Trainers who use the software every day
  • Smaller class sizes to accelerate learning

Course curriculum

Section 1: Outlook & Email
  • Opening Outlook
  • The Outlook Interface
  • Creating An Email
  • Attaching Files To An Email
  • Email Options
  • Reading An Email
  • Opening & Saving Attachments
  • Replying And Forwarding An Email
  • More Mail Options
  • Creating A Signature
  • Deleting Emails
  • Sorting Your Email
  • Creating An Email Folder
  • Moving Emails From Your Inbox
  • Junk Email Options
  • Clutter Folder
  • Creating A Contact
  • Sending An Email To A Contact
  • Editing And Deleting An Existing Contact
  • Forwarding A Contact
  • Creating A New Contact Group
  • Out Of Office
  • Printing
Section 2: Calendar
  • Viewing Your Calendar
  • Creating An Appointment
  • Editing An Appointment
  • Recurring Appointment
  • Viewing Other Calendars
  • Creating An Event And A Meeting Basics

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