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Access Advanced Course

This Advanced Microsoft Access training course will give you more indepth knowledge of Access, including relational databases, complex queries, macros and integration with other MS Office applications



2 Day Course

Certification Awarded

Online Support

Learning options for this course

Classroom Training


This course can be taken at our Training Centre in Dublin 2. Socially distanced learning. Full interaction with expert trainers.

Live Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Daytime or evenings using iLiveLearning. Full interaction with the trainer, just like in the classroom. Software provided.

Skills You will have at the end of the Course

  • Review of database theory
  • Data modelling
  • Design and building
    • Tables
    • Queries
    • Forms
    • Reports
    • Macros
  • Linking to external databases
  • Access VBA

Course overview

This course starts by reviewing the design concepts for building a robust relational model. You will gain a fast, practical and extensive knowledge of the powerful features of Microsoft Access, learning how to build tables, forms, queries, reports and macros.


Access Level 1


At the end of the course, you’ll be Certified by the Irish Academy of Computer Training

Access Advanced Course

Who would benefit

If you are currently working with Microsoft Access, this course is ideal for you

Why take the Course

To become proficient in building and developing robust, scalable multi user Microsoft Access databases applications.

Online Option


Course curriculum

Module 1 : Access Essentials
In this first section, you’ll learn the essentials of building and refining Tables;

  • Creating Tables
  • Adding Fields
  • Specifying Data Types
    • AutoNumber
    • Short Text
    • Long Text
    • Number
    • Date/Time
    • Currency
    • Yes/No
    • OLE Object
    • Hyperlink
    • Attachment
    • Calculated
    • Lookup Wizard
  • Advanced Field Properties
    • Field Size
    • Format
    • Input Mask
    • Caption
    • Default Value
    • Validation Rule
    • Validation Text
    • Required
    • Allow Zero Length
    • Unicode Compression
    • IME Mode
    • IME Sentence Mode
    • Text Align
  • Primary Key – Simple
  • Primary Key – Composite
  • Indexing
Module 2 : Data Modelling
The second section covers everything you need to know about designing Relational Databases;

  • Data Anomalies
  • Database Normalisation
  • First Normal Form
  • Second Normal Form
  • Third Normal Form
  • Data Modelling Tips
  • Referential Integrity
    • Cascade Update
    • Cascade Delete
  • Relationships
    • One to One
    • One To Many
    • Many To Many
  • SQL Order By Clause
  • SQL Order By Clause
  • SQL Group By Clause
  • SQL Where Clause
  • Parameter Queries
  • Combining Clauses
  • Aggregate Functions
    • SUM
    • MIN
    • MAX
    • AVG
    • COUNT
  • Action Queries
    • UPDATE
    • DELETE
    • APPEND
  • Calculations in Queries and Formatting Results
Module 4 : Forms
  • Forms
  • Form Design
  • Blank Form
  • Form Wizard
  • Navigation Forms
  • Sub Forms
  • Form Dialogs
  • Working with Controls, and Layout Views
Module 5 : Reports
  • Reports
  • Report Design
  • Blank Report
  • Report Wizard
  • Labels Report
  • Working with Controls, and Layout Views
Module 6 : Advanced SQL
  • Creating Data
    • Insert Single Record
    • Insert Multiple Records
  • Reading Data from multiple tables
    • SQL Select Statement with Joins
  • Updating Data
    • SQL Update Statement
  • Deleting Data
    • SQL Delete Statement
  • Make Table Query
  • Joining Data from Multiple Tables
    • Inner Join
    • Left Join
    • Right Join
    • Outer Join
Module 7 : Visual Basic for Applications VBA
  • Modules Subroutines and Functions
  • Subroutine / Function Scope
  • Creating Variables
  • Variable Scope
  • Form Input / Output
  • Conditional Logic
    • IF Statement
    • Select Case Statement
  • Boolean Logic
  • Using Switchboards
  • Setting the Start-up Screen
  • Macros
  • Creating and assigning to Objects
  • Editing Macros
  • Startup Macro

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