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Database Master Diploma

Get Certified in Databases

Database Master Diploma

Get Certified in Databases
This Database Diploma will help you understand the concepts behind databases
Database Master Diploma

Learn about the core concepts of databases and their structure by studying the course Diploma in Databases and SQL. You will also learn about retrieving data from a database using Structured Query Language.


Suitable for All Levels

9 Day Classroom Course

Diploma Awarded


Study materials included

7 Reasons to take this Diploma

  • Databases are becoming very valuable to companies
  • Database administration is becoming a very well paid job ($60,000 starting salary)
  • Develop knowledge of SQL & Understand the concepts behind databases
  • Receive and industry recognized certification
  • Gain the skills necessary to progress in the IT sector
  • Have the ability to create and manage databases that benefit you
  • Open a wide array of opportunities for yourself at work and at home

Course overview

Databases are important for any business. They store client information, bills, payment information, and much more on databases. This diploma will help you understand the concepts behind databases , how to navigate through them, creating your own and extracting information from them. This diploma will help you get recognized in the field of IT, and will make you more noticeable than others when competing for a job opening.




At the end of the course, you’ll be a Database Master – Certified by the Irish Academy of Computer Training

IACT Master Certification

Who would benefit

Anyone wishing to learn more about databases or becoming a database administrator. People wishing to expand their knowledge about different types of databases. People wishing to brush up on their skills in database administration.

Why take the Course

On completion of the course attendees should be comfortable in maintaining and navigating through different databases. Attendees will develop good database creation skills including good practice for efficiency.

Internationally recognised accreditation

IACT Master Certification

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