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Personal Effectiveness Courses.

Leadership First Steps

Learn the 12 qualities of leaders that help you create a better culture and a happy and productive team.

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Critical Thinking Skills

Learn the skills to analyze and evaluate information to obtain the greatest amount of knowledge.

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Problem Solving Skills

Discover the entire creative problem solving process, as well as key problem solving tools that they can use every day.

Organisational Skills

Good organisational skills from your employees can prove beneficial in many areas of life, including personal and business areas.

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Communication Skills

Gain a practical grounding in communication to boost your personal effectiveness, save you time and reduce your stress levels. 

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Emotional Intelligence

Explore how emotional intelligence helps us to understand ourselves and others, resolve conflict and build better relationships.

Teamworking Skills

Your employees will learn why the ability to work well in teams is the number one thing that employers are looking for.

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Presentation Skills

This course will help you become more efficient and proficient with the skills of providing information to others.

Leadership Development Courses.

Recruitment Skills

Learn how to develop strong recruitment strategies to get attract top talent, and how to interview like a professional Human Resource Manager.

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Performance Appraisals

Give your Manager the skills to deliver effective performance appraisals, have difficult conversations, and move to continuous assessment.

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Conflict Management

This course outlines a number of conflict resolution techniques and strategies to help handle your Managers effectively handle conflict in the workplace.

Negotiation Skills

This course will give your employees all the skills they need to prepare them for success in multiple types of business negotiations.

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Coaching & Mentoring

This course will show your Managers how to better coach and mentor their employees to deliver a sustained higher level of performance.

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Business Acumen

This course will provide your Managers with all the tools they will need to identify and grasp any business opportunity that comes their way.

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Project Management

Learn to use Microsoft Project to plan, adjust and track your projects. This course demystifies the Microsoft Project application.

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