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Microsoft Word Advanced Course

This Microsoft Word Advanced Course is suitable for more advanced Word users. You will learn the skills to take advantage of the more powerful features available in Word.



2 Day Course

Certification Awarded

Online Resources

Course overview

  • In this course you will learn to automate Word through the use of building blocks and quick parts to quickly insert pre-formatted blocks of text and graphics. You will also learn to utilize reference tools such as footnotes, endnotes, table of contents, indexes and much more. You will learn the techniques to manage long documents through the use of styles, the navigation pane, and being able to insert bookmarks and hyperlinks. You will learn how to quickly build forms and documents using Word’s superb editing tools.

Skills you’ll learn

  • Produce professional quality documents
  • Use the advanced font and paragraph features
  • Handle long documents
  • Create and manage a mail-merge
  • Add watermarks, comments and text boxes
  • Create Fill in Forms
  • Restrict editing in a document

Who would benefit

  • This course is designed to advance existing Word users. It’s for those who wish to understand and become more accustomed with the sophisticated features and functionality of Microsoft Word to better enhance their documents.

Why take this course

  • If you need to able to perform a mail-merge using Word and an existing database, to format and layout any document using Word’s building blocks, and table features. To be able to customise word and automate repetitive tasks.


  • At the end of the course, you’ll be Certified by the Irish Academy of Computer Training.
  • CPD Certification

CPD Certification


  • You will need to have Word introduction experience or be working with Word on a regular basis.
  • Software is provided in the Classroom and Live Virtual options

Learning paths

Why choose IACT

  • Ireland’s leading training provider for 30 years
  • Full-time Certified Trainers who use the software every day
  • Smaller class sizes to accelerate learning

Course curriculum

Section 1: Word Essentials
Advanced Document Formatting

  • Keyboard Shortcuts for highlighting
  • Character Spacing
  • Drop Cap
  • Format Painter
  • Clear Formatting
  • Reveal Formatting
  • Change Case
  • Work with document properties
  • AutoCorrect Options
  • AutoText
  • AutoFormat
  • Advanced Find and Replace


Paragraph Formatting

  • Pagination features
  • Indentation
  • Line and paragraph spacing
  • Sorting paragraphs and lists


Advanced Table Features

  • Apply table styles
  • Convert a table to text and convert text into a table
  • Merge and spilt cells
  • Learn how to insert fields into a table to create calculations
  • Repeat the header row
  • Use quick tables, and save to quick tables
  • Sort data in a table
  • Tables and text wrapping


Excel Data

  • Import content from Excel
  • Learn the difference between embedding and linking
  • Use the screenshot tool to capture excel content
Section 2: Working with Long Documents
Document Layout

  • Use building block and quick parts
  • Save to the building block organizer
  • Change the theme of a document
  • Change colour and fonts
  • Customize your own theme, colour and fonts
  • Insert page and section breaks
  • Create multiple headers and footers
  • Change orientation, margins, page alignment
  • Apply page borders
  • Use Show/Hide icon to locate non-printing characters
  • Create a multi column document
  • Insert and custom watermarks
  • Insert text boxes to create a page layout


Handling Long Documents

  • Understand, apply, create and modify styles
  • Restrict editing in the document
  • Use the navigation pane for reordering content
  • Insert and use bookmarks



  • Insert footnotes and endnotes
  • Insert captions into a document
  • Insert a table of figures
  • Insert a table of contents
  • Set up and use an index
  • Create a bibliography
Section 3: Reviewing the Document and Feedback
Reviewing and Tracking

  • Keep track of changes made to a document
  • Change track change options
  • Compare two versions of a document
  • Accept and reject changes
  • Insert, edit and delete Comments
  • Restrict editing to only allow comments to be inserted, edited and deleted
Section 4: Filling in Forms, Using Mail Merge

  • Create and build forms using content controls
  • Protect the form from editing
  • Create templates


Mail Merge

  • Merge multiple names and addresses to a letter
  • Create an envelope merge
Section 5: Automate Tasks

  • An introduction to macros
  • Record and run a macro

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