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Data Protection

Online Course

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Data Protection

Data privacy training is about having a say in when and how personal information is collected, used, or disclosed. Companies have a duty to keep their clients’ private information private.


Suitable for All Levels

1 Hour Online Course

Certification Awarded

Includes Online Assessment

Course aims

By the end of this course, you will understand:

  • The key terms used in data protection law.
  • Your responsibilities under the GDPR and the Data Protection Act.
  • The principles of data protection that all organisations must adhere to.
  • The lawful grounds for processing personal information.
  • How to obtain consent from data subjects.
  • Data subject rights, including access rights and the right to be forgotten.
  • The responsibilities of data controllers, data processors and data protection officers.
  • How to ensure data security and report personal data breaches.
  • The consequences of non-compliance.




At the end of the course, you’ll be Certified by the Irish Academy of Computer Training

Who would benefit

All businesses are required to comply with data protection law. If you handle any sort of personal information as part of your work, whether it’s about customers, clients, members of the public or employees, then you have a responsibility to keep that personal data safe and secure and process it in line with the GDPR.

Why take the Course

If you handle personal information as part of your work, then data protection should be integral to your daily activities. This course explains what your responsibilities are under data protection law so that you understand how to collect data legally, obtain consent where required, process data in accordance with the law and ensure data security.

Course curriculum

Module 1 - What is Data Privacy?

Module 1

What do data privacy rules apply to? Types of data. Terminology, PII in the US, personal data in Europe. Know the types of data we hold, where data is held, what it’s used for and the consequences of a breach.

Module 2 - Protecting Data

Module 2

Principles of data protection: notice and purpose, consent, security and access, disclosure and accountability.

Module 3 - Protecting Confidential Information

Module 3

Classifying information. Sharing information. Storing data. Disposing of data. Communication.

Module 4 - Payment Card Industry Standards

Module 4

Payment card dos and don’ts. Know our policies and requirements. Password management. Look out for suspicious activity. Clean house. Keep data inside the building.

Module 5 - Storing Data in the Cloud

Module 5

How does cloud computing work? Where is your data and what laws apply to it? Laws in Europe. Access to data. Encrypting data. Using a secure network.

Module 6 - Data Storage and Lifecycle

Module 6

Data lifecycle; create, store, use, archive, and destroy.

Module 7 - Disclosures

Module 7

The laws around the information to be provided when handing over PII will vary depending on your location.

Module 8 - Intro to GDPR

Module 8

GDPR is an EU regulation aimed at strengthening data protection for EU citizens. Why do we need it? Whom does GDPR apply to? Where does the GDPR apply?

Module 9 - Privacy Shield

Module 9

Overview of the Privacy Shield Framework. Seven privacy shield principles.

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