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Excel Master Diploma Course

Excel Course for Beginners - Suitable for all your employees who use, or are new to Excel. They'll learn the foundations of Microsoft Excel.



1 Day Course

Certification Awarded

Online Resources

Learning Options for this Course

Classroom Training


This course can be taken at our Training Centre in Dublin 2. Socially distanced learning. Full interaction with expert trainers.

Live Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Daytime or evenings using iLiveLearning. Full interaction with the trainer, just like in the classroom. Software provided.

Self-paced eLearning

Self-paced eLearning

Self-paced online course on our Learning Hub with Assessment and Certification. 1 Year access. Software required.

Skills You will have at the end of the Course

  • Better understanding of Excel fundamentals
  • Work with basic functions/formulas
  • Manage better looking spreadsheets
  • Format and edit proficiently
  • Sort and organise data better

Course overview

This course introduces you to the power of Microsoft Excel starting from the beginning. You’ll learn how to open, close and save files, how to enter formulae into a cell, build basic charts and format a spreadsheet. You’ll learn how to use the most important features of Excel.




At the end of the course, you’ll be Certified by the Irish Academy of Computer Training

Excel Apprentice Certification from IACT

Who would benefit

Anyone needing to learn how to use Excel or those familiar with other spreadsheet programmes but new to Microsoft Excel, or anyone who has not used the product for a period of time. If you’re about to start a new role, or are looking for a new position, this course is ideal.

Why take the Course

If you’re new to Excel or are going to be using Excel in the future, you’ll need to understand the fundamentals. This course will provide you with a solid platform from which you can learn. By completing this course, you’ll save yourself a lot of time when using Excel.

Course curriculum

What will be covered throughout this course?
  • Excel Interface–quick access toolbar, formula bar, customisation
  • Organising sheets–inserting, editing, deleting
  • Formatting text, numbers, dates-Using the format painter
  • AutoFill–using AutoFill in different scenarios
  • Numeric operators and order of precedence
  • Fundamental functions–Sum, Average, Max, Min and Count
  • Ranges and cell referencing-Absolute and relative referencing
  • Sorting–sorting columns or ranges
  • Sorting and reordering lists
  • Filtering data
  • Printing a sheet and page layout options
  • Working with the IF statement
  • Charting-Basic charting-bar charts, pie charts, line graphs
  • Creating graphs
  • Changing graph types
  • Graph legends, titles and styles

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