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Online Courses for Students and Teachers

Customised solutions for ETBs

Online Student Skills Program

Master Skills

Computer Skills

​Essential Computer Literacy Skills That Everyone Needs

20 Hours

Master Skills

Career Skills

Essential Skills That All Employers Look For

20 Hours

Master Skills

Driving Skills

​Skills and Practical Techniques To Be A Safe Driver

20 Hours

Courses included in the Online Student Skills Program

Computer Skills Program

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Computer Essentials

Online Essentials

Cybersecurity – staying safe online

Career Skills Program

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Effective Communication Skills

Time Management Skills

Teamworking Skills

Emotional Intelligence

How to succeed at writing applications

How to sell yourself and interview techniques

Driving Skills Program

Drink Driving

Driving Responsibly

Driver Distraction

Drug Driving

Mobile Phones and Driving

Driver Fatigue

Rural Driving

Cyclist Safely

Employee Training Package

Master Skills

Microsoft Office

Get the most out of the Microsoft applications you use every day

20 Hours

Master Skills

Computer Skills

Discover what you need to use Windows safely and securely

10 Hours

Master Skills

Compliance Courses

Bite-size lessons make regulatory compliance easy to understand

20 Hours

What's included in the Employee Training Program

Microsoft Office Courses

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Teams

Computer Courses

Windows 10

Online Essentials

Cybersecurity – stay safe online

Compliance Courses

Manual Handling

Fire Safety

Health & Safety

Covid-19 – Return to Work Safely


First Aid Awareness

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